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BOC System ® of aluminum formwork is based on specially developed shapes for the production of precast concrete elements on the construction site. These forms, due to their lightness, represent an innovation in the way of producing these elements on site.

It is not the heavy concrete element which is moved at the unforming, stacking and transporting between the production patio and the erection site, but it is the light formwork which travels in the construction site to produce the element next to its erection place.

This brings great economy to the construction because it eliminates crane use during the whole production process, employing them only by erection. This, on her side, is totally simplified because the element, as produced, is already in position to be erected, with great time and cost economy. The internal transportation of the elements, plus the crane use for loading and unloading cease to exist, or are strongly reduced.

BOC Production System® on the site offers the client maximum finantial security, because the produced elements are already in his property and the main materials are purchased in his name, avoiding double taxing. Besides allowing immediate visual control of work evolution.


BOC System® introduces the concept in which elements are produced in stacks, always when allowed by their geometry and where the top side of an element is the underside of the next one. Concrete against concrete, separated by a special release agent. This, besides rationalizing the construction site, saves the bottom of the formwork. There are only jumper forms at the sides. Beams and columns are produced lying, saving a lot of formwork amount. Panels are also produced lying, with forms only at the edges.

Concrete is poured directly from the mixer truck, without intermediate transport and without losses. For that, stack height can not exceed 1,20 m – maximal discharge height of the mixer truck.


Site plant

In bigger and more complex construction sites, where it is not possible to produce by the erection place, BOC installs a production plant on the site grounds or vicinity, with a concrete mixing plant, with necessary cranes to move and stack the elements in a storage patio and with trucks to transport them to the construction ground.

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